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Private Fleet Service

Do you need a private fleet of E-Scooters?


Perfect for your onsite micro transportation needs

Easily allow guests, team members and crews to move around, on and off site.

All your crew member needs to do is open the “Atlanta Private Scooters” app (available for Apple and Android),

scan the scooter and it unlocks.

Ride one-way or round trip and lock when done. Super convenient!

We take care of the charging and any maintenance, you just unlock-ride-lock.

Available from 4-20+ vehicles


Daily – weekly – monthly rentals available (one day minimum)

Short and long term contracts



More details:
Atlanta Private Scooters (APS) can customize your private fleet to be geofenced to a specific location.


APS scooters have GPS locators, you can see the location and availability of each scooter in your private fleet

APS can customize the time and date for availability.


APS can control the speed (Max speed is 15 MPH)


APS will program your private fleet to your specific needs


APS scooters Private Fleet can only be access by whoever you allow with your own private code, you can also have sub-fleets (this allows you to assign a certain number of scooters to specific teams)


APS currently serves the metro Atlanta area


For a price quote and availability email:


for immediate service and availability call:


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