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How to Ride

Our scooters are designed for a seamless beginning-to-end user experience.


Step 1: Download the App
Create an account by inputing your basic information along with your preferred payment method.

Step 2: Create an Account


Step 3: Find a Scooter

Meet our onsite representative who will present you with a clean and charged scooter. 
To unlock the scooter, scan the QR code on top of the scooter, using your mobile device. Please note, you may also manually enter the vehicle ID located beneath the QR code.

Step 4: Scan QR code


Step 5: Enjoy the Ride

First release the kickstand, get on the scooter and enjoy the ride!
  • Please follow the rules outlined below:
  • All riders must be 18 years old or older. Children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.
  • Do not use sidewalks when signage indicates for pedestrian use only.
  • Obey traffic laws
  • Watch out for pedestrians and potential road obstructions such as holes, ridges, etc. 
  • View our safety page here.
Once you have completed your ride, use the kickstand to park the scooter upright. Your scooter should be returned to the location you rented it.

OUR SCOOTERS ARE NOT DOCKLESS and can not be left in the public right of way, your scooter must be returned to your representative at the completion of your ride!

Step 6: Park Responsibly


Step 7: End your Ride

Using your mobile device, select "END RIDE." You may be prompted to take a photo of the parked vehicle. 
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